Where Does Vick Fit?

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The problem with Michael Vick is not so much his ability as it is his viability.  Is there a team in this risk-averse league that’s willing to take on the PR nightmare of featuring such a polarizing figure as the face (or at least the situational face) of the franchise?  As of this writing, only five NFL teams have not made a public comment regarding their interest in the quarterback.  The other 27 have mostly taken the “not now” stance, which is really just a “no” with an out (risk-aversion at its finest).

Let’s take a look at the QB situations at the five remaining teams:

Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals reached the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history on the arm of a resurgent Kurt Warner.  Whenever Warner calls it quits, the club still has high hopes for former USC superstar Matt Leinart.  Brian St. Pierre is a capable third option.

Carolina Panthers – Behind firm starter Jake Delhomme, the team wants to develop Matt Moore for the future.  Backup Josh McCown is not stellar, but can be trusted in a pinch.  The team also brought in Brett Basanez this year.

Green Bay Packers – Of these five fan bases, the Packer die-hards are probably the least likely to accept Vick.  Aaron Rodgers is incredibly promising.  Youngsters Matt Flynn and Brian Brohm were both highly-regarded out of college and have a similar pocket-passer style to Rodgers.  UPDATE: GM Ted Thompson was asked about Vick by reporters and did not rule out the possibility of signing him.

Houston Texans – The Texans like Matt Schaub and he’s easily the best QB they’ve had since joining the league.  Competing to back Schaub up are ex-Lion Dan Orlovsky and ex-Bear Rex Grossman.  UPDATE: Texans’ owner Bob McNair has now confirmed that the team has no interest in Vick.

San Diego Chargers – No one is supplanting Philip Rivers in the starting spot anytime soon, and Billy Volek is one of the better backups in the NFL.  The Chargers also have Charlie Whitehurst.

If there’s a place for Vick in the NFL this year, I don’t see it.  Obviously, injuries and flameouts could change teams’ minds (and the Vikings have already lost Tarvaris Jackson to injury and Brett Favre to non-unretirement), but as things stand, Vick is on the outside looking in for at least another season.




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