Shawne Merriman, Ryan Grant Not Impressed by Favre Return

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So, Favre is back.  For real this time.  Personally, I think this is probably good for the Vikings.  Their quarterback options weren’t exactly mind-blowing.  But I’m so burnt out on Favre blabber at this point that the only opinions I’m even slightly interested in are those of other players.  Take the Chargers’ Shawne Merriman, for instance, who began his day by retweeting a couple of anti-Favre comments by King of Twitter Ashton Kutcher:

“RT @aplusk: goodell has to put down a penalty of some sort!”

“RT @aplusk: I guess anyone who wants out of an NFL contract can just retire and go to another team. Bulls**t!!!”

After that, Merriman added his own thoughts on the situation:

“Im a huge brett farve fan even though i want 2 get a shot at slamming him i think by him coming back this late puts pressure on the team”

“No i mean seriously if U were the starting QB & ur 3 weeks away from the start of the season & “BRETT FARVE”say im coming back wut wud U do”

“Ill do the LightsOut dance in front of his locker until he wants to leave jk”

Packers running back Ryan Grant was simply ambivalent:

“And to all the fans.. Everybody wants to know how we feel about brett coming back… I’m not surprised at all.. Figured he would..”

“And it really doesn’t make a difference to me that he is playing 4 the vikes…our team still has just as many weapons..doesn’t change goal”

“IF brett wants to play then he should be allowed to play..especially if a team is willing to let him..doesnt change The packers goal. Miami”

Don’t get too down, Brett; college coaches are glad to see you back again… again:

Univeristy of Minnesota head coach Tim Brewster’s keyboard apparently has a double-exclamation-mark key:

“Excited for the Vikings!! One of the all-time great ones is now in the State of Minnesota!! Congrats to the Vikings! Go Gophers!!”

And, of course, Pete Carroll (the Ashton Kutcher of college football) chimed in as well:

“its awesome favre’s coming back… recapturing those glory days… he’s a competitor, you gotta love it”

The Glory Days of 2008, Pete?




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