Week Two Picks

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Thanks to the impressive 2-1 posted by Nostradamus last week, we now stand at a respectable 2-3 so far.  So let’s go ahead and even that up right now:  Georgia Tech will beat Clemson tonight, and it won’t be close.  Sure, they both dispatched their opening week patsies in similar fashion (each team had 30 points by halftime), but despite the Yellow Jackets’ buttery fingers that coughed up 5 fumbles (3 lost), they still ran for 335 yards.  In all, Tech averaged 8 yards a play while giving up just 4.1.  On the flip side, the Tigers held just a 5.3 to 3.7 advantage in their game.

If we learned anything from Navy @ Ohio State, it’s that the triple-option flexbone offense is virtually impossible to prepare for, even if you have all of fall camp to do it.  Clemson has had five days.  Did I say this one wouldn’t be close?  I probably didn’t go far enough.

The resurgent Notre Dame Fighting Irish visit the resurgent Michigan Wolverines on Saturday, and somebody’s surge is about to get beat back down like a Whack-a-Mole.  Both offenses can score, so I’m going with the better defense. On their first 20 plays against the Wolverines, Western Michigan gained 11 yards.  Nevada managed nine times that against the Irish.  If Notre Dame is lucky, this turns into a shootout.  But they lose by 13 either way.

Other notable games:  West Virginia over East Carolina, Tennessee over UCLA, South Carolina over Georgia, and Purdue over Oregon.

And last but not least, to preview the big game this weekend, I’m proud to introduce On Football’s two newest correspondents: FooPIEE (Football Predicting Intelligent Electronic Entity) and Percival T. McAllister III:




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