Week Four Picks

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My goal last week was to get over .500 and I almost did it (Thanks for nothing, Nebraska and Michigan State!)  I went 6-6 in Week 3 and am now 11-12 overall.  My frustrating evenness got me thinking that I might be better off just flipping a coin.  So here to challenge me in a pick-off this week is a handful of change I dug out of the car!

How the coins pick:  First flip will determine the winner, with heads representing the home team.  The coins will then be flipped again until the opposite side comes up.  The number of flips it takes to get to the other side will determine the margin of victory (1 flip = 3, 2 flips = 7, 3 flips = 10, etc.)

Tonight’s game pits #4 Ole Miss against South Carolina.  I don’t feel like I really know who Mississippi is yet, as they haven’t really played anyone challenging.  South Carolina, on the other hand, has been in all kinds of situations, including a game that featured 10 total points and one that nearly broke 80.  The game’s at South Carolina and something inside is telling me take the Gamecocks by 10.

Quarter:  Ole Miss by 3.  Dime:  Ole Miss by 7.  Nickel:  Ole Miss by 7.  Penny:  South Carolina by 3.

Miami has been the surprise of the early season so far and this week’s matchup with Virginia Tech should be a thriller.  Last week, I got burnt for not believing in the Hurricanes, and I won’t be tempting fate again.  Miami by 13.

Quarter: Miami by 3.  Dime:  Miami by 7.  Nickel:  Miami by 3.  Penny:  Virginia Tech by 3.

Arizona State travels to Georgia and something tells me the Bulldogs are going to get themselves in another one of those shootouts they’ve been so fond of lately.  And they’ll come out on top again, by a touchdown.

Quarter:  Georgia by 17.  Dime:  Georgia by 7.  Nickel:  Georgia by 3.  Penny:  Georgia by 14.

Houston‘s win over Oklahoma State thrust them into the BCS Buster group.  Can they keep the momentum going over Texas Tech?  This one could be exciting with each team employing a gunslinger at QB.  I’ll probably regret this, but I’m going to take the home-field Cougars by 4.

Quarter:  Texas Tech by 7.  Dime:  Texas Tech by 3.  Nickel:  Texas Tech by 14.  Penny:  Houston by 3.

Other Games:  North Carolina over Georgia Tech (Q: UNC D: GT N: GT P: GT), Clemson over TCU (Q: Clem D: Clem N: Clem P: TCU), Penn State over Iowa (Q: PSU D: PSU N: Iowa P: PSU)



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