Week Five Picks

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Last week, I risked humiliation by putting my own picks up against those of 41 cents.  I proved to be too much for thirty-five of those cents as my admittedly weak 3-4 record bested that of the quarter (1-6) and the dime (2-5).  I tied with the nickel, which I guess is some sort of depressing moral victory.  My overall record now stands at 14-16 and simple mediocrity continues to elude me.

Now let’s move on to the big news:  You may have noticed that the performance of one of last week’s pickers was omitted above.  That’s because I felt it deserved more than just a brief mention, as the penny went an astounding 6-1 last week, missing only Iowa’s upset of Penn State.  Now, I know you’re all way more interested to see if a tiny circle made almost entirely of zinc can work its magic again than you are in whatever ill-considered predictions I might come up with, so I’m now turning the remainder of this post over to the penny.

Pedro the Penny’s

Finally!  I thought that guy was gonna keep stinkin’ it up all season.  Let’s get to work with my one cent worth on this week’s big games.

LSU @ Georgia:  This one’s a tough call.  LSU has not been spectacular on the road so far, beating Washington by 8 and Mississippi State by 4.  But Georgia has been about the same at home, with a 4-point win over South Carolina and a 3-point win over Arizona State.  Fortunately, I don’t have to spend a lot of time agonizing over stats and trends.  It’s just me, a thumb, and gravity so let’s do this:  LSU by 3.

Oklahoma @ Miami (FL): Here we have two teams each in desperate need of an identity.  Oklahoma took a week off after avenging their opening loss to BYU with beatdowns of Idaho State and Tulsa.  Heisman-winning QB Sam Bradford is still not ready to go, so this will be the first real test for Landry Jones.  Meanwhile, the Hurricanes got caught buying into their own hype and suffered at 24-point loss to Virginia Tech.  Now they’ll be looking to prove they weren’t overrated by knocking the Sooners out of the title hunt for good.  Miami by 3.

USC @ Cal: Just a week ago, this looked like a toss-up.  USC had won a hard-fought road trip against Ohio State and then followed it up with a stunning not-again loss to Washington.  Cal was riding a wave of dominance in its first three games and was preparing to pull the ultimate upset.  Then they played Oregon.  Or did Oregon play them?  A 39-point hurting should have the Bears beyond focused this week, but don’t think USC is going to be taking it easy with their own title hopes riding on every game.  USC by 7.

Other Games: Michigan State over Michigan, Illinois over Penn State, Clemson over Maryland, Notre Dame over Washington.




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