UFL Kicks Off Tonight! Cue Crickets.

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No, it’s not a new Ultimate Fighting league, but that would probably get better ratings.  While you’re watching Nebraska @ Missouri (or the MLB playoffs, or The Office wedding), people who lost their remotes while watching Whacked Out Sports will witness the debut of the next professional football league to fold within two years.

The UFL, according to its official website, is where future stars come to play, although it looks more like where NFL players who got cut go to try to get uncut.  The most recognizable player on any of the four (yeah, four) teams’ rosters is probably former terrible Bills QB JP Losman.

Maybe the UFL will be able to survive and build into a solid developmental league for the NFL, but considering that their TV deals are apparently with Versus and HDNet, I’m guessing that this thing fizzles and fades faster than The Beautiful Life.
I mean, when there’s an article on your site called “The UFL Story: Low Expectations, High Hopes” and your poll question is which team logo is the best, failure is clearly a viable option.



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